To plimrn: safley home

  • hi pat ,, thanks for your comments if more people went off on a "rant"you never know we might in time be able to get the fishing industry around the world sorted out,, its ironic but the quoters affects british boats fishing in our waters but since we joined the E.E.C forign boats can fish the same waters but with no restrictions
    as i said in my notes whitby was once a thriving fishing town but looseing 11 boats has taken its toll
    it could be said i am a little bit biased (the emulate is one of our boats and i know how hard it is to get a living wage for her crew)

  • Re: To plimrn: safley home
    Yikes!! Sounds pretty one way to me!! Clearly I'm biased too!! I hate see those independent ways of making a living go away and force everyone into little boxes. So you own a fishing boat?? Lots of people in Alaska switched from fishing to taking tourists fishing. Again, not nearly so indenpendent however.