To macjake: special nothing special

  • Thanks Craig,

    The reason I kind of like this photo is exactly because there is nothing going on, except maybe in the kid's mind. It's just a glimpse of daily life, not a photo I had planned weeks ahead. I just saw them coming down the street, snapped a photo (fortunately at the right moment), and that's it. But to me there's a lot more drama than in the WS, where absolutely nothing is happening, unless the girl with the mobile phone would step in front of the lady on the bike. Here you have a little kid obviously imagining taking part in a real bicycle race, trying his best to overtake his dad. This was an important moment to him on that particular day.

    Not much is happening, but that's what life is usually like, and when i manage to capture that "not much" I am quite happy.

  • nothing
    Hey Gert
    I get it, for sure. you explained it perfectly and thats exactly what I thought you were thinking too

    with me an my love for city shots, obviously i'll like the WS a bit more.
    but thats ok too. see you out there!