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This is an inscription table of almost 2500 years ago, belonging to the Achaemenian period of the Persia Empire. The table is well preserved and well displayed. Old Persian is the oldest attested Persid language. It is classified in the group of Western Iranian languages, subgroup of Indo-Iranian languages (and thus the Indo-European languages).This language was used in the inscriptions of the Achaemenid kings. Old Persian texts (including inscriptions, tablets and seals) have been found in Iran, Turkey and Egypt. It evolved into the Middle Persian language (Pahlavi) of Sassanid Iran, and eventually into the modern Persian language.
Old Persian was written from left to right in a kind of Cuneiform script. Old Persian cuneiform contains 36 signs which represent consonants, vowels, or sequences of single consonants plus vowels, a set of three numbers (1, 10, 100), one word divider, and eight ideograms. It is essentially alphabetic in nature.
The Old Persian script was invented by about 525 BC to provide monument inscriptions for the Achaemenid king Darius I.

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Additional Photos by Ali Akbar Abdolrashidi (abdolrashidi) (1655)
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