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United Kingdom

Having spent 9 months traveling Asia, NZ & Australia with my wife and a little Olympus compact camera I came home with a desire to really learn & improve my photography. My was was that if I ever got the chance to go to some of those amazing places again I could record the visit significantly better than I managed previously.

In the year or so since then I have bought myself a DSLR (and the Dummies guide to using it) and started reading magazines and recommended books. Already I can see my photography improving and I am beginning to get a better understanding of what makes a really good exposure.

Through TE I am hoping to continue and increase my improvement. One of the things I find hardest is critiquing my own work so all thoughts of others are always welcome and I love looking at the thousands of awesome pictures posted by others that offer inspiration and ideas to a photographic newbie like me.

So thanks to all those that post pictures, critique and generally make TE a fabulous website and inspirational tool.
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