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hi guys...iam baptist from india

A visual artist by profession, my medium of practise is site-specific installations, videos, sound, photography, public art, architectural site-specific installations, performance, wall-drawings and collage.

I was introduced to this website by a freind/colleague of mine and since then i am completely hooked on it...iam very glad and excited to share this space with people from all walks of life and its like seeing the whole world through their eyes...a privilege indeed and its like travelling the world without a ticket.

Travelling is my one of many passions and i have a big dream to visit every corner of the world and have atleast one picture of every journey

Photography was a part of my profession when i was working for Advertising Agencies as an Art Director, but I never wanted to take it up full-time as I selfishly wanted it to be my personal expression not controlled my any client or agency.

Travel Photography is my favourite. i dont like to get technical with my pictures simply because I guess it restricts my for me the subject, composition, colour, pattern, mood and contrast are the criteria of a good photograph SUBJECT being the most important

Indoor photography never has excited me simply because it depends mostly on artifical lighting

I strongly believe that no matter what is your camera however obsolete it might be its your eye and thirst for a good shot that will bring out the best of your picture

I shoot wih a YASHICA AF3 (HOT SHOT), NIKON FM2 (SLR) & SONY CYBERSHOT DSCP-P100/P120 (DIGITAL) my personal favourite is still the yashica

Im just back in mumbai after finishing my masters in the UK

Watch out for my pictures of Switzerland, UK and now also Dubai!!!!!

Unfortunately I have'nt been able to update my photos, since quite a while now, been busy, so do bear with me.

until then enjoy the pictures and drop in a note if u can. as every little helps.
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