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Hi. I am a Filipina.

See, I have a lot of wishes. And Im trying to achieved those starry wishes. Once I get them, I'd like to be good at them for I know there are no limitations to one who loves what she does. I live by this principle. Im keeping my fingers crossed.

I wish that I'll be a great backpacked traveler.
I wish that I'll be able to excel in photography as this is the only means that I can share the beauty of the world with everyone.
I wish I can express my feelings more in writing so people will get a grasp of what I have experienced.
I wish that I can have my photos published in Lonely Planet and Time Magazine and have short blogs with them.
Can I wish to have my photos printed as postcards? I really like it that I even named my photos as early as now as postcards. Haha

I'd like to be connected to professionals who's been in this field for quite some time. I want to learn from them.
I'd like to hear from anyone criticizing my works. Even they are mere audience. Comments from a wide array of audience is healthy. I can learn from them too.
Feedback/Comments are all welcome. =)

Hope you find my site interesting:

Lots of Love to everyone!
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