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The many months I’ve shared with the fine folks who spend time at this corner of cyberspace have been an unending delight. My long forgotten love affair with the camera has been rekindled, in large measure because of the enthusiasm of the many talented and generous folks who are members of TrekEarth.

I’m a semi-retired mental health professional in my early sixties with a lifelong interest in the visual arts, long nourished by travel in Europe and Asia. Reviewing the portfolios of members I understand that I’m a rank amateur as a traveler, but my experiences have been transformative nonetheless. I was motivated to study architecture in my twenties by months of travel in Greece. Years later I found myself with a career in community development, greatly impressed by what I’d seen of efforts in Europe to recover from the urban devastation of World War II. Many hours in museums throughout Europe during repeated trips to the continent opened my eyes to great art not generally seen by a student of American history, which was my major course of study in undergraduate school.

So, my introduction to TE brought with it the opportunity to apply some of what I’d learned over the years to the practice of photography. I didn’t appreciate when I began where the journey would lead. Over the last year I’ve worked with four cameras, two of which I’ve purchased largely because of what I’d learned here. I also began buying camera lenses for the first time in thirty-five years. As so often happens when one embarks on this journey of discovery, the lenses and cameras become of ever greater quality with ever higher prices. I’ve recently taken delivery of a Canon 5D, the logical successor to the Canon 20D that gave me such pleasure for seven months. The learning continues, inspired continually by the talented folks at TE!

I also found myself compelled to upgrade what was an excellent computer system, the Apple Cube with an Apple Studio Display, seeking a faster processor and more hard drive space. The Cube went to a new home, replaced by an Apple G5, dual 1.8 Ghz processors with 4.5 Gigabytes of RAM. An Apple 20” Cinema Display rounds out the new setup.

I joked with Sophie Launey a while back, about a “sailboat being a hole in the water into which one pours money.” Photography offers members of TE the same opportunity to keep our respective economies flourishing. I’ve certainly done my part… ;-)

We live in a marvelous world! Despite the suffering that exists in so many forms at so many places, the beauty of the human spirit is everywhere evident. TE is at once a celebration of beauty and a reminder that we are really part of the same human family. Even though I’m less active than in the past, I feel honored to be part of the ongoing conversation that is TrekEarth.

I recently created a personal website that is much less sophisticated than TE, but that represents my own design inclinations. I invite you to check it out.

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