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United Kingdom
All I would like to say with regard to my pictures is that other than a little cropping and sharpening I am not a believer in much use of photo editing programs. I would like viewers to accept that sometimes the exposure or whatever is not quite perfect, what is important is the subject. The subject is number one. It never was true but I like the idea that the camera never lies, sadly these days you can't tell.
We have to be careful that we don't make a photo into what we want it to be rather than what it was.
The most important thing photography has taught me is that we should not just look but that we should also see.
I get very frustrated about some of the restrictions on taking photos and the suspicion that is directed at photographers taking pictures.
Without pictures we would be very ignorant of what is going on in the world.
Favorite photographers; Eugene Atget, Brassai, Horst,Larry Burrows, O Winston Link and I have just discovered the German photographer who photographed England, John Gay, and a thousand others.
With respect to TE, I do not go for daily targets, if I don't care for the days photos or they are not my style, no points, If I like a photo then they get points.

I also like to make an effort to grade notes, sometimes the notes are worthy of being tagged useful but the photo not.
I have found the points system corrosive, I did turn mine off but then realised that I could not award points to others so I turned them back on.

I have had lots of cameras in my time, many I still have because I like them.
The other day I got a little sad seeing people with the similar black cameras and super long lenses taking photographs like a machine gunner, then fiddling with them on a computer to get the best one, say what you will there are some beautiful digital photos on TE and floating around the internet, but I suddenly had a feeling that I wanted to go back to slow photography, re learn dark room skills, recall the zone system of exposure and now and again have to use the f16 rule to get a correct exposure.
I am also concerned over how long digital images will last. We know that film will last 100 years or more.
I still will use digital because it is so instant and cheap.
To that end I have recently dusted off my Hasselblad 500cm and an old Mamiya 220 and I am going to start using film again, we will see how it goes.
I have just got the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens, rippingly fast and sharp. Down with long lenses.
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