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I was born, grown up and studied in İzmir, Turkey. In 1990, I met my husband, Giorgos who is originally from Crete. After getting married in Izmir in 1995 we together started discovering the world of photography. We bought our first camera which was a second hand -a clean one :)- Canon AE1. We were carrying it with us wherever we were going. Meanwhile my husband, my sister and me were taking some photo classes in Izmir. Then we got another camera, Nikon F1 so that none of us would had to wait for the other to take a photo :)

Since 1999, we live in Crete...

Just before the birth of our now-6-year-old daughter, Maya we had got our first digital camera: Nikon 5700.

Last years long, the camera is almost everyday/everywhere with me. I take pictures of mostly Maya and our baby-boy Dario who was born in 2008, and many other things that I met everyday in my life.

Now, we have a CANON EOS 400D which I have been dreaming about for some time long.

I believe that I have a lot more to learn about photography. So any time any critiques, any advice is very much appreciated.

Nice to meet you all! :)
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