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Photography -

Perhaps the primary stumbling block in our quest for our place in the world. Identity.
Milestones of our lives that define us.

For me, photography is the joy of viewing a beautiful flower through the viewfinder, the inspiration of a majestic scene coming into focus, the emotional connection made when the eyes of the subject make contact with mine through the lens.

For those brief periods of time behind the camera, when life’s trials and tribulations give way to something more fundamentally significant, it matters not where I am or how the subject got there.

I believe the definition of “photography” is strictly a personal one, at least partially dependent on aspects of our existence that are difficult to comprehend and impossible to define.

Having a passionate hobby as this adds meaning to my travels. Personal memories that are captured just the way i see my surroundings through my eyes.

Personally,I think that best part of travel photography is getting to meet the world's crop of wonderful people.

Looking forward to meet potentials just like myself for discussion,tips and feedback vice verse.

I do enjoy being the subject for profile photographers as well as taking photographs so feel free to contact me if you are looking for a model or a photographer.I'm still on my experimental stages but I'll be most delighted to learn & share.

Cheers !
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