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Sea & Rocky Graphism Contrast Scenery
Sea & Rocky Graphism Contrast Scenery (80)
Trip Date:2005-05-19 - 2005-05-23
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Countries visited:Portugal
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AZORES is like a VIVALDI Four Seasons of simphony and weather condition in a natural atmosphere and ambience, also in a daily life cycle but with good warm climate.

Now my Travel Serie is about this particular Atlantic Island with harmonious mountains, sea scenery, walles and dolphins, cows with milk and excelent cheese for all the world, black and green Tea, pinneaple and also a great wonderfull volcanic sceneries, nature and lagoons to post.

This is a natural and preserved Island that have many people linked to United States, Canada, Brazil and North Europe Tourists in holidays and also naturally to Continental Portugal.

Thanks to Cristina, a very well kwown person here that is known by the nickname SNUGGLEAPHAGUS, that lived in this island for some years, that I have also included links to her fine work as also she did to me. This is one of the more international known Volcanic Island here, that for some is the old Atlantida.