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Trip Date:2005-09-23 - 2005-10-05
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Countries visited:Italy
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Inept as our Italian was and still is I'm afraid, our host country was most gracious in making our visit a very pleasant experience in every respect. No request was too great for our wonderful host to oblidge in the most civil and helpful manner. That in itself would have made the trip but there is more.

We flew into Alghero, a quaint little town of 40,000 on a sunny afternoon, and found ourselves without luggage and bikes. Experienced to some degree with this type of affaire we just reported it missing and went on our way to a nice little B&B near Alghero's old town. Wonderful little place with a huge bedroom and balcony and a real espresso machine at our disposal in a little kitchen right next to our room. What a treat that was to have real espresso at whatever time and in quantities limited only by our tolerance to this marvellous beverage.

Alghero is situated on the northwestern coast of Sardinia. It boast a wonderful old city with narrow streets full of shops and restaurants, and offers a lively atmosphere well into the evening hours. Some of the best Gelato can be found here too. Wonderfully tasty and soft, served in at least two or three flavours on a cone. This little city is also well known for its seafood and spanish influenced cuisine. This influence emanates from a period in the past, when Alghero was under Spanish control for well over 300 years.

Surrounding Alghero at less than a half hours drive, there are a number ruins dating back 3500 years that are worth visiting and of course some very fine beaches. After 3 days and nights in Alghero, we started our cycling trek due south towards the town of Bosa.

The coastal route to Bosa from Alghero is very wild and desolate without any inhabitants other than the odd farm perched sparingly on hill tops. The first 35km, is mostly uphill, with wonderful perspectives over the sea. The climbing was hard but well worth it. Some 10km out of Bosa, the downhill was marvellously fast. You could feel the change in temperature as we were getting back to sea level from our top elevation of about 400 meters. Also remarkable was the spicy aroma of the macha (small seaside shrubs) as we arrived close to Bosa.

Bosa itself offers a lot of photo opportunities if you get up early enough to catch the morning light. I've posted a few of these morning shot for you to see. Bosa is also the place where I had my first taste of donkey steak; very tasty although not at all tender.

The next morning we headed out on our bikes and belongings due south towards Cabras. The first 2 hours had us climb out of Bosa to an altitude of 600 meters and then back down to the coast and the town of Cabras. Not particularly interesting in itself but very well located to visit some wonderful beaches and interesting ruins along the coast. One of these is Tharros, a large complexe which was inhabited by the Romans.