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Cape Verde
O Barco do Sol
O Barco do Sol (13)
Trip Date:2006-01-23 - 2006-01-30
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Countries visited:Cape Verde
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This is a long trip I wanted to make for years. It is not only a holiday travel, it is much more than that, a travel towards part of my origins. For the first time, I went to see the place where my grand-mother was born, the island where she is from ...

After years hearing about these islands and especially Santo Antao island, I went to this mythical place ... from there my grand-mother is, from there I am ...

On the first day, after a 6-hour flight from Paris to Sal Island where the international airport is, I took another plane to Sao Vicente island, the nearest island from Santo Antao as the destination of my travel was that northern island ... an island I was dreaming of !
I had seen so many pictures of it, imagined the landscape and the people.
And there I was in Mindelo, the main town of Sao Vicente island and from the port, I could see the island where my grand-mother was from, that she left many years before to immigrate as so many Cape Verdians did to try and find a better life elsewhere, the island where she never returned ...

And I was waiting impatiently to take the boat and reach at last the Island !!!

It was such a fascinating travel on the mountains road and along the ocean side. I discovered such wonderful landscapes and so warmful people there and there I found what I was looking for for such a long time ...